Monday, September 16, 2013

beachin' it up

My hubby, the boys, the grandmas and myself all loaded up and went to Virginia Beach at the end of August. We were there for a little less than a week.  And the grandmas stayed for the full week and enjoyed some time grandkid free!  Here's a few pics of our trip.

 There was a surfing competition outside our room the first two days

Watching the surfers

First night on the beach.  They both loved it.  Will ran headlong into the ocean.

 One of the legendary "all day muffins"

Beach time!!

 This is how he avoided getting in the ocean

 Landon's favorite part of the trip. Digging holes.

Let's bury the family in sand....

 The Grandmas enjoying the sand

 Surfer in training.  When he gets over his ocean fears.

 The best seat on the family bike.  No work involved.

King Neptune
I really liked this statue.

 The torture wagon, also known as a family bike

 Family pictures

 Enjoying Ben & Jerry's ice cream at 10 am as a reward for biking that far.

Para sailing. 
 Takeoff was smooth and gentle. Shortly after take off I told John I think I peed my pants in fear. haha. 

 That little dot is us....600 feet in the air, held up by a strap....yeah, fear.  I had my arm wrapped around the strap the whole time.  I got motion sick, but kept from actually getting sick at all.  We were their first clients of the day and no one else was on the boat with us so they told us they would give us a good ride.  I knew we were up there for a long time, but had no idea how long.  Our Mom's were watching from the room and said we were up for nearly 30min.  The usual ride is more in the 10min range!  I guess we got our money's worth.  John got a little sick too,but we toughed it out.  I looked at him at one point and said, "this is about as adventurous as you are going to get me.  How is it?"  I again pushed my fear of heights....really really pushed it. Like took fear and shoved its face in the dirt and kicked it a few times.  Of course it fought back,but at least I tried. At the end they dipped us in the ocean.  At first it was like water skiing on your stomach until you broke the surface.  Then I kept getting turned sideways.  But it felt great after not feeling well.

 I may forever lament the fact that I missed seeing Daughtry from our balcony.  He performed the day after we left.  Sad day.

A Turner family beach tradition, mini golf.  Landon did pretty well.

We had a lot of fun at the beach.  The kids alternated between liking the beach and hating it.  It is a different world going to the beach with kids. I spent most days with Will climbing on me and covering me in sand, not nearly as relaxing as the past.  I didn't get to soak up the sun or just veg out much, but you can't beat staring at the ocean with your feet in the sand.  The weather was gorgeous while we were there.  Not too hot, nice breezes, perfect.  Here's a few pictures of sunrises from our balcony, and one of the moon.