Monday, January 20, 2014

The end of an era

That's right, Will has been ousted as the baby of the family!!!

We are very excited to be welcoming another baby into our family.  Landon is hoping it's a girl, and so are we.  But let's face it....this little baby is most likely going to be a boy.  No matter what we are excited.  This little one was the most active at our first ultrasound out of the all of them.  "He" was busy jumping around and kicking and punching.  I usually keep these things quiet until the end of my first trimester, but baby number three has a way of making itself much more obvious, much earlier.  I am currently 11 weeks and feeling great, other than the crazy amount of tired I have going on.  So if you see me, I am not just getting oddly fat.  When you can't button your pants at 8.5 weeks you realize that this time around will be a bit different.  

On an odd side note, at my ultrasound I also had another question answered.  I have a normal sized bladder! haha  It's always been a joke that I have a bladder the size of a walnut because liquid goes right through me.  And I only drank 14oz of water before my ultrasound and was dying.  Luckily he agreed it was a normal size and that I am apparently just really well hydrated.  Hooray!  Thank you for sticking around for this partially unrelated side note.