Wednesday, July 9, 2014

35 weeks large

It's getting close!  Can't you tell by the big belly?

So what's new?  Nothing much I guess.  Little man is pretty low in there and so I am starting to really worry about delivery time and how much time I have to get to the hospital.  That's what I get for using a far hospital, but I refuse to change!  He is running out of room in there, that's for sure.  He is still a big mover, which ends up being rather uncomfortable for me.  His head is very low and so my poor bladder is taking quite the beating and my sleep is very affected.  I have started having braxton hicks contractions now.  They let me know when I have done too much and need to relax for a bit.  I definitely have to listen to my body more this time around and can't push things like I could with the others.  My rib has at long last gone out.  Depending on what I do that day it can bother me or not.  When I say out I mean it actually dislocates in the back where it connects to my spine.  Fun, right?  Yeah, I can't complain too much since it waiting until I was in the 30 some week spectrum to start up.  With the boys I dealt with it from pretty early on.  With both previous pregnancies I have ended up getting a third ultrasound around this point if not a little earlier due to  measuring too small.  This time I have been right on track the whole time so I haven't gotten an extra sneak peek.  I really enjoy that extra peek at them and it's nice to get a little weight prediction on them too.  But I might be without that this time!  

In my pre baby worry I have gotten the baby room all ready.  You can see it a little behind me on the right there in the picture.  All the baby clothes are organized and in the drawers, the pads for the car seat is washed and it is assembled again for little baby.  I have even packed all our clothes for the hospital already.  Judge me if you will!  I don't have anything else in there, but all our clothes are ready.  Just not the baby clothes yet because I am still deciding if I am making an alteration to the one onesie.  I still need to make the burp cloths/blankies too.  You'd think I'd have that done with all the worry I have going on over here!  I'll get there this week, I have to.  

I really can't believe we are only a month out from meeting our new little guy and starting a new phase of life. We should probably name him too.  How will it be with three little boys in the house?  My answer is, noisy.  It's already loud around here, I can only imagine the sound level will rise quite a bit.  I love my family and am blessed by all of my beautiful children.