Sunday, August 24, 2014

The things I'm glad I got back post baby

There's so many things I can do now that I missed while pregnant.  You know, all those little things that you slowly lose the ability to do and they magically return in one day.  Here's a few of those glorious things.
  1. Laying flat to sleep.  I can actually go to bed without being propped up on three pillows nearly upright.  
  2. Waking up only because a baby needs me, not because I have to pee, take a tums, drink milk, or sit upright.  I was up nearly every hour by the end just to use the bathroom.  Only getting up once or twice a night with the baby is so much better!
  3. No more heartburn.  I had such terrible heartburn, the kind that made you want to die.  During the day, or in the middle of the night.  I would be awoken in the night with it. It didn't matter what I ate. Just drinking water, or eating bread could cause me intense pain.  I'm so happy to have that gone!
  4. I can get up off the floor with ease.  No more rolling onto all fours to get up or asking for help.  
  5. No more wearing my husband's clothes.  Well, perhaps just because they are comfy I will.  But I won't have to wear his lounge pants because none of mine fit.  Or wear his scrub pants to work because not even my previous pregnancy pairs fit me.  I got made fun of pretty good for that one.
  6. Energy.  Having energy back is the best!  I was tired all the time and barely accomplished anything.  Having the energy to actually get up with the baby and then function during the day and feel alive is amazing.
  7. Bending over.  Not only could I not bend over just due to the giant belly in the way, but because it made me sick.  Bending caused my heartburn to flare up in a way that made me want to vomit. Due to this I didn't get much cleaned up unless I sat on the floor and scooted around to pick it up.  Then you can refer back to number 4 to see how that had to end.  It's a vicious cycle.
  8. Seeing my feet.  Hi there toes, I've missed you!
I'm sure there are more things, but that's all I can come up with right now.  I love being pregnant, it's one of my favorite things, but after 9 months I sure am ready to get back to my regular self.

Landon on his new brother

Landon has had several silly things he's said since we brought Gabe home.  

Constant questions about his belly button and umbilical cord.  "Why does his belly button look like that?"  "What is that thing for?" "Why does he have it?"  "Will his belly button look like mine?"

"Why is your belly still big if the baby is out of there?"  
"Are you going to have another baby since your belly is still big?"  (way to make a woman feel good there, son!)

"I don't want to give baby Gabe a kiss.  I still love him, I just don't want to kiss him."

"He's so soft! Was I that soft when I was a baby?"

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Baby time

He's HERE!!!!

Gabriel John Pitzer
8-11-14 @ 11:22am
8lbs 10.3oz

We decided to go into the hospital because my contractions were steady.  They weren't strong, but they were 3 minutes apart and we didn't want to risk anything.  The Dr. at our last appointment had told me he'd rather have me come in too early and walk the halls than risk me going too far at home.  He took my fears to heart and that was nice.  We arrived at the hospital around 4am.  They said I wasn't really progressing and were thinking of sending me home.  I was not going home, I would have just sat in the car, crazy people.  I knew I was having a baby regardless of what they had to say.  Luckily for me I had high blood pressure.  Odd to say, but it bought me a ticket to stay and get induced.  Hooray!  I never have high blood pressure, so it was an odd occurrence and confusing for everyone.  They ran my blood work for preeclampsia but everything was normal. I was just weird.  Once the pitocin kicked in I was able to get my epidural.  The nurses I had were great.  At shift change, which was when I called to get on the epidural list, they came in with interesting information.  Apparently the anesthesiologist that was on was not their favorite doc, and he was getting called into an emergent c-section anyway.  So they were going to wait for the next guy to come in and have him attend to me and then relieve the other physician.  Turns out the doc who came in next was one of their favorites.  And he was awesome!  They told me he did a great epidural, and they wanted me to have a good one.  (my last one sucked).  He gave me the longest lasting, must numbing epidural a woman could ask for, it was glorious.  After that they broke my water so that things would continue to progress, and cranked up my pitocin.  I told them that once things started to go they would really go,and they found out I wasn't lying.  I seriously lucked out with the staff I had this time.  My nurse had been a labor and delivery nurse for 30 years and she was wonderful!  She was fun and happy and just all around wonderful.  The midwife that came in that morning was also one of my favorites.  She is a woman who loves her job, and you know it.  She's exuberant and full of life and energy.  When I knew I would have those two combined I knew it would be a good day.  Back to my delivery here.....They checked me at 10:45 and I was at 5cm, the midwife checked me at 11:00 and I was at 7cm.  At 11:10 I called for them because I felt ready and I was at a 10.  Woohoo!  The nurse paged for the midwife and got me set up for a trial push.  She only counted to three before she told me to stop because he was coming!  I only had to push through two contractions and he was here! 

We were shocked to see how big he was, I mean, wow!  I never thought my little body was carrying around an 8.10lb baby!  I understood why I had such pain and difficulties in the end now.  I barely got to see my little guy before they took him away though.  His temperature was already a bit low when he was born and it was going down instead of up.  He also was twitching around and the nurse said he had low blood sugar.  Sure enough, he did.  So they took him to get warmed up and feed him to get everything set.  I hated it. I told John I felt like I didn't have a baby because there was no baby in my room or with me.  And I got very little information about him for hours.  He was born at 11:22 and I don't think I actually saw him again until 3 or 4.  Believe me, I barely put him down once he came back! 
Who could put down this little guy?  

My epidural was so good they finally had to get me out of labor hall and into my room so they got me up, but I had no control.  I had to walk with the assistance of the nurse and John and my legs would just randomly give out on me.  It was rather humorous.  My legs still felt like big fluffy pillows and I had no idea where my feet were.  Magic I tell you, that man was magic.  

I finally got my baby back, I had to love on him.


Wrinkly baby toes

The boys and both Grandma's came to visit that evening.  Landon was curious about him, Will didn't even want to sit near him.  They were content to play in the wide windowsills of our room and look at him from a safe distance.  

Time to go home!  After two days of boredom we were ready to go! 

Gabe was ready to go too.  

We came home to a welcoming party from the boys.  They decorated the house with MaMa.  Gabe was sweet enough to bring them each a ball and a car as a gift.  They thought that was pretty cool. The boys fought over helping me get everything put away and getting him his bottle.  The helping started early!  

Welcome to the world baby Gabe!  We are thrilled to add you to our crew.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kids say the darnedest things

I find it hilarious the things kids say, and this time it's not my own. 

John has been growing a beard, and yesterday I told him he might want to shave it off after the following happened. We were at the park doing a little fishing and so was another family with two talkative little girls. John had caught a catfish and the little girl that was running around with Landon comes up and asks Landon, "can I see the catfish your grandpa caught?" Uh, oh! I guess the hat and beard combo made him look old to a five year old! 

Today we were sitting in church when the little girl behind me starts talking to me. She informed me it was her birthday, and other important things and then asked, "what's his name?" I answered, "Landon." 
"No, his little brother's name."
"Oh, Will."
"Oooooh! I can never remember what his name is. I can always remember Landon because I hear it more because he gets in trouble all the time."
I just told her that was true. Haha. Thanks for the observation! John and I just sat there laughing. 

And just now Landon was feeding Mo a dog treat, they look like bacon. I couldn't figure out what he was calling them. So I asked...sometimes it's better to not know things. "I'm calling them diers because Milly died, so they are diers." 
Are you kidding me? Milly is, or rather was, the neighbors aged dog. She was put down this week and we inherited all her dog treats. John told Landon that she had died and he's apparently not forgotten. I told him that wasn't a nice thing to call them and not to. His answer? "But she did die!" Such compassion. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

39 weeks: are we there yet?

Why yes, I am still pregnant.  I've made it to 39 weeks with no signs of him moving along.  Check out that belly...

So, this big mamma is ready to go!  I've been hoping and watching for signs of him to arrive for a week now to no avail.  Everyone has been very kind to tell me how good I look and that it doesn't look like I'm about to have a baby any day now.  That's very nice, but someone tell baby boy to be nicer to me too!  He makes me believe I'm ready!  I do believe he has dropped a little bit since the pressure and pain in my pelvis has increased as of late.  Every step sends stabbing pain across my pelvis.  Not only does this occur with walking, but with standing up, or lifting my legs to put on my pants.  That darn spread symphysis is sure making itself known these days.  Other than that, and general fatigue, I feel pretty good.  There are some days where I feel good enough to think I'm not near the end, and other days where I am sure the end is near.   I've had braxton hicks contractions nearly every day for about two weeks too, but those don't want to turn into anything real either.  I've got another stubborn guy in there!
At my 39 week doctor appointment they told me that if I am still around for next Friday's appointment I can schedule my induction.  All I can hope is that they will let me do that the following week, not 10 days late.  If they say those words I will burst into tears in the office.  This week I actually left and sat in the car and cried because I wanted to be done so badly.  I recovered from my hormonal breakdown and I'm doing okay now.  Do I wish he would show up already?   Of course, but I don't feel like breaking down about it anymore. 

Everything is ready and waiting for him to make his grand entrance.  Will has finally figured out that his baby brother is in my belly.  I think he might be a bit confused when his baby brother shows up outside in the real world and is a tangible human being.  If you ask him where his baby brother is he gently pats my belly.  It's very sweet.  Landon is convinced that he needs a whole bunch of baby brothers so they can all play together.  I think that one might change his mind on that a little.  Both Will and Landon like to get in babies faces and try to make them smile or laugh.  They get a huge kick out of that.  I have a feeling their new baby brother won't have much peace with them around, but he sure will be loved.  I think they will be great big brother's, they are getting excited about that.  They will miss having the babies room as an extra play space though.  I always find toys all over in there and they like to set it up as a doctor's office or a garage to be mechanics.  What will they do without their extra play room?    

For anyone wondering, yes, we have named him.  But I figure it's taken us this long to name him we might as well make people wait a little longer.  Some people already know what it is, but for everyone else you get to wait!  Once he makes his debut we will also debut his name.  I'm excited to see him and meet him.  Landon has informed me that he won't have curly hair because he is the only brother with curly hair.  He also has decided that he will have blue eyes, unlike his big brother's.  I would love that!  We've been waiting for a blue eyed baby all along.  John and I both have family with blue eyes, so we are hoping that one day my brown dominant gene will be overridden.  How great would a blue eyed, curly haired little boy be?  

Until the day he arrives I will continue to waddle about, and cross my fingers that tomorrow will be the day!  Come on baby boy, your family is waiting to meet you!