Monday, August 31, 2015

Gabriel: 11 months

This boy is the silliest little boy we've had yet.  I'm certain of it.  Getting him to hold still for his 11 month pictures was impossible.  He was crawling off and standing up at his crib. Time needs to stand still a little longer.

We decided to wear jammies for our 11mon pictures.  Who could resist these medieval themed pj's? 

Still striking his "hey ladies" pose

Who has time for pictures when there are stuffed animals to get out of the crib?

It's only a matter of time until this little man is walking on his own and running all around.  He's the sweetest little man and he keeps us smiling and on our toes. He's into more things that the other two were, but that cute little smile comes out and you nearly forget he's getting into trouble.  He enjoys playing cars with everyone and even makes motor noises as he drives them.  Mommy has definitely had a hard time with month 11 seeing 1 creeping up in the distance.  Lots of tears and hugs and kisses.  Luckily he doesn't mind hugs and kisses.

Summer reading

Landon attended Summer Literacy Camp this summer.  (this post is out of order a bit)  He rode the bus and was at the school for 2 hrs four days a week for five weeks.  He loved it!

First day

 Silly boys waiting for the bus

He came home very proud that he could READ this book.

10 year anniversary

John and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary July 25th.  10 years!  I don't believe it's really been that long ago, but I guess it has.  Those fresh faces have aged with years of work and children and trials, but the love has grown.  

We were able to get away the day before our actual anniversary and had dinner at Primanti Bro's in York.  It was great and we enjoyed a little time away.  To celebrate the big 1-0 we went with our friends Tedd and Becky to DC.  We spent the day wandering around and ended the night with seeing ONCE at the Kennedy Center.  Let me say, it was AMAZING.  I would have gone back the next day to see it again.  Fighting with the elderly usher lady was worth it to sit and soak in the music and bawl my eyes out.  I'm pretty sure the guy next to me was thinking I needed to get a grip at the end of the show.  And to top it off it was National Dance Day with Cyrus hosting the dancing at the Kennedy Center.  So I was lucky enough to get a very up close view of him dancing.  AWESOME!  It was a perfect way to spend our anniversary.  Friends and theater, nothing better!

On the Metro and ready to go

We had lunch at Eastern Market.  It was amazing food and we will go back again!

True love under the sea?  Notice they match?  That wasn't planned...that's when you know it's a true bromance of the highest caliber.  Mind reading across the distance.

We kind of match too.  

We were attempting a tender moment photo like the boys always do when they yelled out, "grab some boob!" and we lost it.  We weren't meant to take longing look photos.

The always serious Tedd and Becky who loves him anyway.

We wandered into a conservatory and it was amazing!  

It was just a little hot, can you tell?

The conservatory had a wonderful children's section outside complete with shovels to dig, watering cans to water the plants, tons of garden tools, and misters.  We took advantage of those several times.

Looking up in the lobby of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.

How do you do the Natural History Museum?  
We were all so hot from walking we sat down on the cold marble and just laid on it until we cooled off enough to move. 

Geeking out over x-rays and CT's of mummies

CYRUS! I was so close!  He was lots of fun and had everyone going.

Our happy family photo

The stage before Once.  You could go on stage and get a drink from the bar.  Next thing you know the cast was out having a jam session like they were in an Irish Pub amid everyone on stage.  I wish I had known that was going to happen!

Getting our red carpet on after the show

calling all the paparazzi 

Waiting for the metro with our creepy stalker....

We were sweaty and exhausted by the end of the day, but it was a lot of fun.