Saturday, March 29, 2014


I think everyone is pretty aware of how dramatic Landon is. Today I wouldn't give him more snacks. He angrily crossed his arms and scowled at me. 
Landon: "you aren't choosing the right, mom!"
Me: "how am I not choosing the right?"
Landon: "because you won't get me more snacks!" 
We had to discuss that me not giving him snacks wasn't a bad choice. 

Tonight at dinner he requested chips. I guess since he got them last night with our cookout. I told him he could have them if he finished dinner. With probably 8 bites to go he requested his chips and was denied. He told me he needed help eating and then gagged violently on his next bite. Seriously? I restated the rule. Eat then chips. To which I got this:
"You don't love me!!!!" As dramatically as possible. 

Oh my. This child needs to be on stage. He knows how to drive us nuts and make us laugh, that's for sure. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Here and there

Here's a few pics that I've taken recently. Time to get them off my phone and on here!

Shooting the birds 

We went to Bass Pro. The boy loved running around touching EVERYTHING and looking at the waterfall. Mommy was beat by the end of this adventure. 

Will enjoys the use of the empty racquetball court during Landon's gymnastics class. 
Action shots

Landon is being a scale here. 
Watching birds. Aunt Nicole was happy to share her bird watching with them. 
New headphones!
even Will tried them out. 

Cooking dinner with Uncle Adam. He did a great job listening and following instructions. 
Snuggles with Aunt Nicole before bed. 

Who doesn't enjoy a tractor book read by Pappap?

Enjoying Frozen with pretend popcorn. Apparently it was delicious. 

Taking advantage of another warmish day. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pregnancy update: 20 weeks

I've hit 20 weeks! I am shocked that I am already half way through this pregnancy.  In the beginning it seems slow since you don't see or feel any differences and then WHAM! your body decides to grow and  you start to feel the baby move.  My apologies for the bathroom mirror picture.  It seems this time around that we are slacking on the belly photos.  With the first we took them every few weeks, baby number two I only have maybe five over the whole span of the 9 months, and with this one I now I have two.  Sadly they are both on my phone, in my bathroom mirror.  We need to get with it!  I also apologize for the "I just took my hair out of a ponytail" hair.  I realized I wanted a picture after I already did that. 

So, what's going on with me and baby now?  I've been feeling fetal movement since about 17 weeks, and it has gotten pretty strong.  This little one is a dancer, or a ninja, much more active already than the other two.  Baby moves a lot, like all day long.  And I am definitely not allowed to have a full bladder, I fear what happens when he/she gets bigger and stronger.  My bladder won't stand a chance!  The heartburn kicked in a while back too, but is definitely getting worse.  I am waiting to see if I get it when I eat things like crackers and oatmeal like I did with the boys.  It made no sense at all!  So far I get it with random things, nothing I can link it to to avoid.  Even water can do it.  So I guess I'm getting another baby with hair!  Both boys followed that theory to a T.  I have also learned why people say they have to cross their legs to sneeze when pregnant.  With the other two I thought they were crazy.  Apparently baby number three is when my body decided to give in.  Poor weakened muscles.  I am yet to have any accidents, but I have fear.  I don't know how people with 6 kids or more don't wear a depends the whole time!  But I'm feeling great. I love pregnancy.  Most people think I'm nuts, but I enjoy every minute of it. And the part I enjoy the most has finally started.  Feeling the baby move and watching my body adapt to help create life.  It's a crazy thing.  Our bodies amaze me in many many ways.  This pregnancy has been different in a few ways, one of them is my mood. I am definitely grouchy this time.  I don't know if it's dealing with two kids who don't listen that makes this happen or a difference in hormones, but it's no fun.  I'm hoping it gets better.  Either way, I'm happy to be able to go through this process again. And perhaps I will remember to take pictures more often.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Heart break

Tonight I was putting Landon to bed and he said, "I miss Daddy." Then we said prayer and read his book. After we finished a chapter I told him that we were nearly done and would buy the next one. He got very upset and started to cry. I asked him why he was so upset because it couldn't be about the book. No, he broke down because he missed Daddy. We had a talk about how lucky he was that his daddy his home with him so much and that he would see him in the morning. But nothing comforted the child. I have no idea why tonight was such a rough night for him. He says he'll miss daddy while he's at work a lot,but he never cries about it. 
The other day he looked at me and said, "sometimes my heart gets hurt." I said, "like when, buddy?"
"When daddy went to Haiti it hurt my heart."
Poor little guy. He's pretty sensitive. And he sure loves his dad! 

A minute after I closed his door he once again burst into tears crying for me. Turns out he thought he heard thunder and he was worried. I told him it was the wind blowing trash can kids around. The wind is wicked tonight! I then got to use knowledge from a childhood book that I used to read as a kid and now he reads. Bedtime for Francis. She is scared of the wind and her father tells her that it is the winds job to blow things around and if it doesn't it will be out of a job. He remembered that part of the book and was content enough to go to bed. Good old books saving the day!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

giving up

I have to brag for a minute about my little dude.  Tonight was the second night in a row that he went to bed with no paci! He didn't fight us on it or cry, just did it.  I'm so proud of him and so excited about this happening.  Last night Daddy put him to bed and when I got home he informed me that he had gone to bed without it.  I was shocked.  He said he just told him that he was a big guy and didn't need it. After a moment of contemplation he agreed and went right to bed without a peep.  Now I did have to give it to him at 6:55am.  It's a very specific time, but when I am awoken earlier than I like to be I am very aware of the time.  So I gave him is paci, he continued to whine.  So I gave him his baby ducky and (his new found obsession) his puppy.  This apparently soothed the beast and he was asleep until 9! Glorious!  

Since last night went so well I tried it again tonight.  Before we went back to bed I asked him if he could go without his paci tonight.  He shook his head no.  I told him he could have his blankie, ducky, and puppy for bed.  He happily agreed to these terms and went to bed like a big boy. I'm excited to see if we make it all night again tonight.  Beware world.  Tonight the paci, next...the big boy bed!