Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Gabriel: 2 months

It's nearly the end of October and I finally got Gabriel's 2 month pictures taken!  He's nearly 3 months old, it was about time.  He's my little love and I am enjoying watching him grow.  It may make me a little sad to see him learning and growing so quickly, but it amazes me as well.  He's my big boy in 6 month clothes and wearing out my arms.  

I tried out a new collage of information on him this month.  What do you think?  I had fun putting it together.  Don't worry, I'll add more pictures below.  I love his smiles and his dimples and get distracted by him when he decides to talk to me.  It's amazing I get anything done.

I couldn't get his attention to save my life

He LOVES to suck on his fist.  Once he figures out how to get a thumb he's going to be in heaven.

I love my little squidge!

Trick or Treat!

This year we had several occasions to dress up and have some Halloween fun.  The first was for Trunk or Treat with my parent's ward at Camp Liahona.  It was fun to be out in the dark and the woods, but also freezing cold!  I guess that's the way Halloween is supposed to be, right?  

Take two was for our ward's Harvest Party.  It was indoors so I didn't have to do all the extra bundling.  Of course it could have been outside since it was 80 degrees that day!  What in the world?  Landon also got to dress up a third time for a party at school.  Since they were able to score tons of candy over those three events we skipped out on trick or treating in our neighborhood.  I really don't need more candy to tell them no about or to stuff in my own face.

These two were excited to both be Captain America this year.  They have on thick layers under there and ended up wearing a jacket too.  It was COLD that night.

The cutest Captain America's EVER....EVER.

For some reason they decided to smack Gabriel on the head.  
Sidekick's really take a beating. (can you tell it was warm?)

In their complete costumes.  I love my superheros and sidekick.  They are ridiculously cute.

My little Robin from the back.  I can't stand how cute he was with his cape.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Fun times with dry ice

Since we were able to get dry ice for the Halloween party we were able to play with it at home the next day.  The boys LOVED it.  They even asked for one more round before heading to bed.

 Just add a drop of soap and you get wild dry ice bubbles

 Poof!  They're gone with one smack!

The focus of this is the flying dog.  If we threw a hand full of bubbles in the air
 he would jump after them.

Will was a big fan of the dry ice

Landon, "It's like a potion!"


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween party

A few years ago some friends of ours and the two of us decided to start having Halloween parties every year.  We love getting together with friends, eating party foods, and dressing up in costume. All those seemed to lend themselves to having a party!  Every year gets better with new games and fun. Some years we've had to cancel due to schedules, or freak snow storms, but we try to do it yearly.  Here's a few pictures of this year's shenanigans.  

I didn't do very well at getting good pictures of everyone's costumes this year.  

 There are no words for those two.....none.

 Best use of a baby belly ever!

 His baby Voldemort face was amazing.  

 The ever popular, pelvic thrusting, ping pong ball catching game


 Transferring candy corn from bowl to bowl with chopsticks

 Tedd had his own personal coach

 Aren't we so cute?

 Food!!! Isn't the pumpkin patch adorable?

 Black kool aid with rolling fog.  We had dry ice this year and had lots of fun with it.

 Doesn't every party need a Halloween tree?

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brotherly love

The boys LOVE their baby bother.  Gabe has mixed feelings about it, but usually he loves the love.
 Out of the two big bother's Landon is the one always in his business, but he means well and loves him a lot.

Gabriel is wearing the same jammies, but the ones above are from a few weeks before the ones below.  

 Just chillin with his buddies, Cap and Iron Man

Capturing his smiles is hard, but here's part of one!

Being goofballs!

This one cracks me up because Will and Landon are making the exact same face.  They are all so cute I can barely take it.


I seriously can't get enough of this little face.

Bath time is the best time.

It's amazing how much they all look alike at this age! I'm going to have trouble telling their pictures apart years from now.  Thank goodness I label things.