Monday, March 18, 2013

Creating a Superhero room

Piece by piece we've been building a superhero bedroom for Landon.  I will at one point add pictures of the rest of his awesome room, but for now I'll put up the things that I've made so far for it.  

Superhero coat rack after sculpt
I had a vision in my head of doing this totally awesome superhero coat rack for Landon's room.  Right now his coats just get laid on the bed and I wanted a fun way to display them.  For someone who is not the best with crafting I was pretty impressed with how the sculpt turned out.  (Thanks Mr. Martin and your 3D art class)

We went to Hobby Lobby and bought a pre-made wooden coat rack with the pegs.  We also stood and stared at the clay options for what felt like forever.  Above is the clay we used.  It's just an air dry molding clay.  Real clay would have been awesome to work with, but too brittle in the end since it couldn't be fired.  They have clay that can be baked, but since I was doing it on pegs that were attached to a wooden board we went with the air dry and it was very easy to use.  The only thing that went bad was the Hulk hand.  As it dried it cracked because it was such a mass of wet clay that it expanded.  The cracks affected my detail in my sculpt.  I attempted to fix those cracks after it dried, but the clay wouldn't stick to itself, most of it chipped off after it dried.  What did stick I sanded down  to try to make it look smooth and even.  

 Sorry for the poor quality of images, but they were taken with my phone.  Here is my finished product!  

 I was pretty excited to get Thor's hammer to be sliver and the rings on Captain America's shield silver too.  I was going to go with gray for Thor and leave the shield rings white, but then WHAM!  I realized I had silver spray paint on hand.  I sprayed it at close range onto a paper plate and then was able to brush it on.  Side note: if you are going to brush on spray paint don't use a brush you care about.  Or at least plan on attempting to use paint thinner to clean them.  I used cheap Crayola brushes that I had bought for Landon so I just threw away the ones I destroyed.  oops...I really didn't think about that ahead of time!  But they are shiny...and it's awesome!

Before Landon moved into his big boy room John and I made him some awesome outlet covers.  My favorite is definitely his light switch plate.  It's perfect!  We went to the comic book store and bought some comics that we knew had pictures we could use to create these.  We then cut them up and modge podged them onto the covers.  They are so cool!  Landon was pretty stoked about them when he moved into his room.  He still thinks they are cool, and hopefully will for a long time.  I seriously love how they turned out.

 Shortly after moving into his big boy room he got his superhero comforter made by me and my Mom.  He loved it from the moment he got it.  He still gets upset if I'm washing it and he doesn't have it for bed or for a nap.  He asks for his "avenger's blanket."  That's right, folks, we have a nerd in making!

Oh, and of course his room is Superhero blue!  (no that wasn't the name of the paint)
One of these days I'll get pictures of the rest of his awesome decor and get them up.

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  1. You are a crafty awesome momma!! What a lucky boy!!