Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I wanted to let you all in on some of the fun things that Landon says.  I of course could only think of a few, but as he says more awesome things I'll try to keep up with them.  I want to remember the silly things he says.  So here are a few snippets of Landon-isms.

As we were getting out of the car to go into Target yesterday he hit his knee jumping out of the car.  He said, "ow!  I hurt my knee.  I'm not going to live."  haha.  When he hurts himself I usually say, "are you going to live?"  His response is always, "No."  I guess he just jumped straight to the end of the conversation.  It was too funny.  "I'm not going to live."  This kid.

On Sunday he was running around the house before church shooting like his fingers were guns.  I told him, "you know you can't use your finger guns in church."  He looks at me and very seriously replies, "I'll keep my finger guns and bullets in my pocket."  And he pretended to holster his finger guns.  He didn't get those out all day!  I had to share that with his teacher since she was the one who had told him to keep them in his pocket the week before.  They do listen!

Landon was having a meltdown one day.  When I asked him why he was crying he answered, "I'm crying because Daddy is mad at me for crying!"

This morning he was pretending to be a reporter.  He stuck his pretend microphone in my face and said, "Mommy, what do you think about the huge mess?"  At that moment I got a little concerned, "What huge mess?"  L: "The huge mess."  M: "Who made the huge mess?"  L: "um...Mo!"  Right....sure he did.

Heard from the bathroom daily, "I'm peeeeeeing!! Say, 'yay, Landon'!"  At least I am told how he wants to be praised.

I hope you enjoyed a little of the fun that is Landon.

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  1. Ahhhh hahaha! I love this kid so much!! Those pictures are perfect for this post.